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Moving beyond legacy

Next Generation WAF

Active protection everywhere

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Web App and API protection

Bot Protection

Prevent bad bots and malicious actions

Account Take-Over Protection

Stop account takeover and credential stuffing


Block Denial-of-Service attacks

API Security

Stop unauthorized access to APIs and more

Advanced Rate Limiting

Control and block requests volumes from potential threats


Easy to install Runtime Application Self-Protection

Flexible architecture

Deployment Options

Native deployment options available for web servers, RASP, cloud, containers, API gateways

Any Architecture, Any Language

One platform that deploys with any technology chosen by software teams

Built for Modern Teams

Keep pace with code deploys with accurate decision and zero tuning

Fast time to value & Low cost ownership

Quick Installation    -    Most installs are simple and immediate

Blocking Mode You’ll Use    -    95% of our customers run in blocking mode

No Babysitting    -    Detection that don’t require constant tuning

Block advanced Web attacks

App and API Protection

OWASP top 10, account takeover, API abuse, virtual patching

Advanced Rate Limiting

DDoS, ID enumeration, credit card fraud, and general volumetric attacks

Bot Protection

Brute force attacks, spamming, fraudulent account creation, price scraping

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