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Technology and people, working to build a more secure future

about us

The first in pro-delivery Devops security

We started out almost two decades ago in a small shop in the Science park adjacent to the Wiesman Institute, home of some of Israel most prestigious hi-tech companies, such as ELBIT, Elop, HP Indigo, Conduit, IBT, and many more.

Fast forward ten years, we’ve helped build telco companies from scratch, replaced mission critical storage systems for the largest retailers, and even built and sold our own private cloud business.

Over the years we came to the realisation that every project we did, every system we have built, is suddenly the target of non stop attacks. Our customers are no longer able to sleep at night, since they have to be constantly vigilant and alert.

And then the business revolution came.  Businesses realised the tremendous potential that is inherent in micro services and automated environments.  Today, many businesses are somewhere in that process of automating and creating agile environments in an effort to speed production, create efficient and scalable pipelines and reduce costs. But that involved a whole new architecture and a whole new set of security tools.


Over the years we have become experts in DevOps environments and the related security.  Going through hundreds of projects for Enterprise size firms and startups, we realised that in order to be the best, we had to focus.

Today, Nox90, is a leading DevSecOps firm and the first professional services company to let security and infrastructure be guided by software delivery and DevOps / security team cooperation.

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