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A Cyber Security Dream Team

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 - you, sleeping better at night - 

We started out almost two decades ago in a small shop in the Science park adjacent to the Wiesman Institute, home of some of Israel most prestigious hi-tech companies, such as ELBIT, Elop, HP Indigo, Conduit, IBT, and many more.

Fast forward ten years, we’ve helped build telco companies from scratch, replaced mission critical storage systems for the largest retailers, and even built and sold our own private cloud business.

Nevertheless, a few years ago we came to a realisation: every project we did, every system we have built, is suddenly the target of non stop attacks. Our customers are no longer able to sleep at night, since they have to be constantly vigilant and alert.

At this point we decided to focus all our efforts on one thing, and one thing only – providing our customers with the best protection we can. The best solutions there are, the best teams to get the job done. We are a security company that wasn’t born in the cloud, we are a security company that helped build it.