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Nox90 Research Validates that Fastly's Signal Sciences Protects Against Recent JSON Bypass Technique

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

At Nox90, we take the security of our customers' systems seriously. That's why we are proud to offer the Signal Sciences web application firewall (Fastly NG-WAF) as part of our suite of cyber security solutions.

Recently, a research team at Claroty (known as "team82") discovered a JSON-based WAF bypass technique that has the potential to affect many WAFs on the market. However, we are happy to report that we have tested the vulnerability against Fastly's NG WAF by using the SQLmap tool with the payload developed by team82, and have confirmed that our WAF blocks the payload as expected.

In short, our customers who have purchased the Signal Sciences WAF can rest assured that they are protected from this potential threat.

And, as a bonus, this post was brought to you by chatGPT, our friendly AI assistant. So you know it's not only accurate, but also amusingly written. Thanks for choosing Nox90 for your cyber security needs!

Update (13 Dec):

Fastly has updated that they have improved their agent's SQLI detection to address this attack vector.

To take advantage of this improved detection, you will need to upgrade your agents to version 4.36.1. Our documentation on how to upgrade your agents can be found here:

Update (14 Dec):

Fastly has updated that their Next Generation WAF Edge deployments have now been updated to extend SQLI detections. No customer action is required to leverage these improvements. (

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